Current Students

Kazuko holds Ikenobo Ikebana classes at her home about twice a month.

Here’re her current students:
(Updated on April, 2013)

Bill Sc.
Candy A.
Carolyn T.
Janice P.
Jere M.
Jo Ann J.
Laura B.
Melinda M.
Naoko K.

3 thoughts on “Current Students

  1. Hello,
    What beautiful floral and botanic designs! Also, I noticed that Bill Stufflebeem is one of your students. He introduced me to the beauty of Japanese design in gardens and in floral and botanic artwork; I greatly appreciate that introduction. Please give him my regards and best wishes. And, tell him to get in touch if he comes Back East for a visit to the Washington, DC area.
    Thank you,
    George Siekkinen


    Kazuko Kozai Reply:

    Hi, George,

    Thank you very much for a nice comment.
    Yes. Bill is one of my top students. As he couldn’t come to the class this past Tuesday because of his work schedule, I forwarded your message to him.
    Thanks again.

    Kazuko Kozai


  2. Beautiful. The japanese are very inevntive and most of their art, as you have mentioned, is an expression of restrictive creativty. One of my dad’s friends is growing bonsai trees and gave me one sadly I killed it :(. They take an amazing amount of caring!


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