Rikka arrangements by students (3)

This month’s Rikka arrangement by students:

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My students have spent 3-4 hours to complete this arrangement, which I was hoping for them to complete in two hours.

By Janice (This picture is not taken from the front.):

By Naoko:

How long does it take to learn Rikka (Rikka Shofutai)?

Tradittional Rikka, or Rikka Shofutai, has the following NEW recommended curriculum from Ikenobo Kyoto headquarters:

Rikka Introduction – Level 1: the minimum of 5 lessons,
Rikka Introduction – Level 2: the minimum of 5 lessons,
Rikka Introduction – Level 3: the minimum of 5 lessons.

After these “Introduction” lessons, which consists of the minimum of total of 15 lessons in the time span of 2 to 3 years, a student would have mastered the basic techniques of Rikka. Several of my students are currently at the stage of the third to fifth lessons of Rikka Introduction – Level 1. From my teaching experiences with my students, it seems 10 lessons or so may be needed for each Level before proceeding to the next Level.

A student who completed the above introductory classes can proceed to the intermediate classes of Rikka (Shofutai). The intermediate classes teach about 30 different traditional Rikka arrangements (theme), based on the instruction book “7 Tips for Material Usage & 19 Rikka Motifs (Themes)”. A student would learn each style by taking a couple of lessons for each arrangement (style). This process would normally take 4 years or more.

Then, the student can proceed to more advanced and creative level of Rikka, taking such large-scale arrangement as Mikizukuri Rikka and Rikka Sunamono.

The master-level Rikka arrangers could further proceed to the Okuden level of Rikka after learning the most of advanced level motifs (themes).

Separately, a student who has completed the Rikka Introduction – Levels 1 through 3 can start to work on Rikka Shimputai.

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