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Kazuko Kozai was born in Kyoto, Japan, and has lived in Boulder CO from 1980 till 1985, in Irvine CA from 1985 till 1999, and in Boulder CO since 1999.

She has studied Ikebana  Japanese flower arrangement since 1968 (more than 45 years), and bibliography card format here cheapcialis good essay topic for pride and prejudice 1984 thesis grade 4 creative writing go here enter go biotechnology thesis statement zovirax tablets over the counter uk stopping accutane early go sample history research paper apa improve writing skills essay is anything better than viagra pay someone to do my economics homework https://sugarpinedrivein.com/treatment/precio-cialis-farmacias-guadalajara/10/ https://campuschildcare-old.wm.edu/thinking/essay-on-umbrella-for-class-1/10/ click here https://www.arohaphilanthropies.org/heal/cialis-mclain/96/ here thesis for essay on abortion https://www.nationalautismcenter.org/letter/how-to-write-an-explanatory-synthesis-essay/26/ go dissertation outline quantitative https://eagfwc.org/men/buy-viagra-los-angeles/100/ https://explorationproject.org/annotated/i-pay-to-write-my-essay/80/ doxycycline keratosis pilaris order xenical online from canada click here source Ikenobo Ikebana in particular since 1973 (more than 40 years) under Prof. Kazu (Yoshu) Himeoka.

In April, 2008, she was admitted to and started to attend Ikenobo Central Training Institute in Kyoto, Japan, commonly known as Ikenobo Institute.

In March, 2011, she graduated from the Special Advanced Class of Ikenobo Central Training Institute (Ikenobo Institute) in Kyoto, Japan.

She holds the 3rd Grade Senior Professor (Katoku, ) rank, and the highest-ranked teacher of Ikenobo in Colorado, actively serving Ikebana International Denver Chapter (#66).
She annually attends the classes at Kyoto Ikenobo headquarters in order to sharpen her skills and to keep up with the latest topics taught at Ikenobo Kyoto headquarters, and teaches locally the most authentic Ikenobo method with the latest updated teaching methods taught at Kyoto Ikenobo School.

She has the permits (Monpyo) to teach Shoka, Moribana (now, a part of Free Style), Nageire (now, a part of Free Style), Free Style, and Rikka Shimputai (which also implies Rikka Shofutai).

She is planning to go back to Ikenobo Central Training Institute in Kyoto, Japan, in the near future for more advanced classes and the higher certificates.

She is currently the Vice President of Ikebana International Denver Chapter (#66), and a member of Ikenobo Kyoto Chapter.
* She IS NOT a member of Ikenobo Ikebana Society of America Colorado Chapter this year.

Please send any email communication to kazuko@yoshida-family.com.

Her cell phone number is (720) 339-5500.

“I took about 100 of classes from different Ikenobo teachers both locally in Colorado and nationwide. But, I learned more in just one lesson from Kazuko than all 100 classes combined from other teachers.” – a quote from one of Kazuko’s students.

“I attended a Visiting Professor seminar in a western state. Professor wanted to teach the Kakitsubata (Japanese Iris) arrangement. After a lecture from the professor, no one else in the class was able to arrange Kakitsubata the way he wanted students to do. But, when the professor walked around the class room in disappointment and came to my table, he screamd Oh, you know it! and was delighted. Obviously, I was the only student in the class who could follow what the professor was trying to teach because I had several lessons of the Kakitsubata arrangement in Kazuko’s class before.” – a quote from one of Kazuko’s students.

It is Kazuko’s mission to teach her students at the same level taught in a class in Japan, rather than a very, very relaxed standard outside Japan which emphasizes on the MINIMUM number of lessons attended and the personal enjoyment rather than the technical competency and the understanding of Ikenobo’s core philosophy. (Japanese students in Japan normally attend twice more classes than American students to receive their next certificates.) Some of Ikenobo certificates received in outside Japan are not seriously recognized at their face values from any Japanese Ikenobo members. But, she wants to bring her students to be as competitive and qualified in techniques as Japanese students in Japan, and hopefully her students will stand out in a class by a Visiting Japanese professor.

Kazuko’s permit to teach Shoka, Moribana (now, a part of Free Style), Nageire (now, a part of Free Style).

(under my husband’s last name.)

Kazuko’s Certificate to Teach Free Style Introductory Curriculum (the new program)

Kazuko’s permit (Monpyo) to teach Rikka Shimputai (which also implies she can teach Rikka Shofutai Introduction courses which are the prerequisite courses prior to advancing to the Rikka Shimputai),

(under my husband’s last name.)

Kazuko’s Certificate-level Name Plate (Sekisatsu):
The Seal at the upper-right corner indicates that she attended and graduated from Ikenobo Central Training Institute in Kyoto, Japan.
This seal certifies that its holder has received the highest possible education and training as an Ikenobo Teacher.
The Seal at the lower-left corner indicates that she is certified to teach the Rikka Shimputai.

4 thoughts on “Kazuko Kozai Bio

  1. Dear Kazuko Kozai san:

    I’m interested in learning Ikebana and gaining certification. I live in Kyoto now and for the next 1-6 months. Do you know of a short term program of reasonable price in town?


    Joel Yasskin


    Kazuko Kozai Reply:

    Hi, Joel,

    If you learn once a week (or three times per month) for 6 months, you will be able to get “Shoden” (a beginner’s certificate). If you learn only one month, you may be able to get “Nyumon” (entering permit to School) depending on th your situation. Class fee varies but about 4000-5000 yen/month is most common, which doesn’t include flower material fee. Material fee is 700-1500 yen ( 800-1000 yen is more commonfor beginners.) per lesson. Where in Kyoto do you stay? – Kazuko


  2. Dear Kasuko san,

    How may I contact you privately via email please?



    Kazuko Kozai Reply:

    I sent you a private email message today, but it was returned.


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