Furoshiki : Japanese Art of Wrapping

Furoshiki is a Japanese wrapping cloth, about the size of a bandana or a scarf (a larger sizes are also available, though).

It is used to wrap goods or shopping items. Because it is re-usable, it is economical. And, there’re many colors and print patterns to choose from.

Kazuko teaches how to use Furoshiki to wrap things, like a box, a flat squarebox,

two wine bottles,

a ball-like object, like a small water melon,

a long rectangular object,

and to wrap things decoratively.

She has prepared an instruction book for Furoshiki Wrapping, and will be handed out to the attendees of her Furoshiki classes.

The next open class is held on May 4 (Saturday), 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM at Monarch Highschool in Louisville. The class is provided as a Boulder Valley School District’s Life-Long Learning program. Please see below for further info.
Kazuko Kozai : Schedules page

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