Ikebana International Denver Chapter (#66) received the Thank You letter from Consulate General of Japan – Denver

Ikebana International Denver Chapter (#66) received the “Thank You” certificate from the Consulate General of Japan at Denver, on May 11, 2012, at his official residence, for their service and continuing effor for the friendship between the United States of America and Japan through cultural activities.

Extra: Pictures of Sample Bride’s and Bridesmaid Bouguets for Wedding Flowers 101 class

Per request from students, Kazuko made the following sample of Bridesmaid Bouguet for Wedding Flowers 101 class.

It is on display at Millennium Harvest House Boulder’s lobby area until May 16, 2012.

The length of the bottom stem is left a little longer than it would have been used in a real wedding situation, due to the fact that it is kept in a vertical vase with water to be shown at the hotel lobby for several days.

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